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Best Toys That Can Help Kids Maximize Fun Times

The founder of the Center for Play Therapy, Gary Landreth says, “Toys are children’s words, and play is their language.” He is of course right. If you could read children’s minds, their constant worry would be “so many toys and so little time”!
So obviously, the world of any child revolves around toys. They are explorers with a sharp eye, which means that with the right toys, they can develop skills and interests that can help in their growth and development. Choosing the right toys is therefore extremely important. So how do you choose the right ones for your child? Buying toys online is highly recommended for the simple reason that you can get to choose from a wider pool of options and that too in a highly convenient manner.

Here Are Some Basic Guidelines to Follow While Buying Toys Online

  • Choose toys that can be used in multiple ways.
  • Buy toys that can encourage mind exploration and help develop problem-solving skills.
  • Look for toys that can ignite the imagination of your child.
  • Buy them toys that can be put together and pulled apart, helping them use their creative skills

There are many stores online that offer a variety of toys in various shapes, types, and brands, but always go by top recommendations. Here are the best buys suggested by those who know a thing or two about toys.

Aim High

Kids are sure to love dartboards as they provide the opportunity to develop their aiming skills. The Dartboard Magnetic PS from Lifetime Games is a good buy and can ensure endless hours of fun. These magnetic boards are easy to handle and convenient to use. They come with colorful little darts designed for small hands.

Roll Out the Fun

The 28-piece domino set by Lifetime Games is another highly recommended toy designed for providing your children endless hours of fun and entertainment. The set and the dice come in a sturdy package for easy handling and storage. Domino sets encourage team play. Your kids will love to have their friends over for long hours of pure joy with this intriguing and exciting toy.

Fishing in Safe Waters

Your kids will definitely love this one. There is no one who would say no to fishing. It is an excellent way of developing the vital hand-eye coordination of your junior and in a fun way. Go for the Let’s Play brand available on EDCO. The kit comes with a set of four colorful fish that appear lively and attractive. Fishing time can be education time too as kids can be taught to identify colors as well. You don’t have to worry about safety as the material and colors used are completely nontoxic.

Do a Balancing Act

Another toy set that your child will love to play with is a stacking set. Stacking games are universally popular and can guarantee endless hours of engagement, regardless of whether they play solo or in a group. EDCO has the best range, and the one from Lifetime Games is recommended for its fine quality and finish.
You don’t have to waste your valuable time looking for toys for your kids. EDCO has a wide range of choices in this category. Visit for more information.


Throw an Exciting Kids Party and Add Dollops of Fun Elements with These Creative Party Toys

Planning a kids' party? It can be quite a stressful task as there are a zillion things to take care of, plus you have to be extra careful of safety issues where kids are involved. From the kids’ point of view, there are only two things that they look forward to – toys and games. While you can leave other things related to the party to event management professionals, it is advisable to handle the toys buying task yourself.
Experts are of the view that you can have a flexible approach while planning to buy toys for the party. While the options are literally endless, you can narrow down your choices by looking for toys based on the party theme or according to the current trends in the kids’ toys domain.
These tips might act as a good guide while buying toys for kids:

  • Avoid toys with small parts that can be easily detached.
  • Don’t buy toys they are most likely to have back in their own home.
  • Choose interesting toys that can hold the attention of kids for long periods.
  • Check if the toys you are buying have any toxic elements in them. Steer clear of such toys.

Your kid's party can be a huge hit among the young ones if you deliver on the toys part. You can use these recommendations:

Crazy Confetti

Party Poopers form an integral party of any party. Kids simply love the look of these colored assorted tissues zooming their way out from the box into the air with some stunning sound effects. Party Poopers from Eddy Toys is a favorite of parents while choosing party toys as the pistol shoots out layers of crazy colorful confetti in a continuous rush.

Let There Be Light

There can be no party without some fancy light arrangements. When you start shopping, you will realize that the options are literally endless. Lantern holder lights are catching the fancy of kids, so this is one item you should definitely consider adding to your shopping list. This lantern stick comes with a light at the end with the entire arrangement looking like an improvised fishing rod. Kids are sure to love it. You can buy these colorful lights at EDCO. Eddy Toys is a highly recommended name.

Raise Up the Decibels

What’s a kid’s party without some sound and noise? Add a few horns to the toys list. Party trotters horns can make the party come alive. Let kids create a racket with these colorful horns that come with balloons and a white plastic sound creator at the end. The 19 cm Horn from Eddy Toys come in a set of 6 and can be a great buy.

Shoot Serpentine Strings All Over

Party strings are popular toys and more so for kids who love to spray those colorful strings all over the place. It is certified safe for the skin and hence kids can spray them around joyfully. They are available in various colors. Choose Party String Serpentine by Party Time for taking the fun element to a whole new level.
Wondering where to order these crazy party toys from? A highly reliable online resource is EDCO. You can order all the above listed party toys and more from

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