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EDCO is a stock holding wholesale company

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Why Large Wholesale Suppliers, Distributors, and Stores Rely on EDCO

Why do the leading chain shops, warehouses, malls, and retail stores prefer doing business with EDCO? The answer is not hard to find. Founded as an import and export enterprise in 1978, the company has grown quickly and rather dramatically to become a leading supplier of an endless range of wholesale products.

EDCO is the natural choice of large wholesalers and distributors looking for a reliable and reputed resource for their bulk purchases. Although they stock some of the top global brands across a diverse product range, they also have their in-house product lines sold under their brand names. Their private-label products are supplied to customers across many countries. EDCO has been adding newer products to their catalog at a steady pace.

Perfecting Purchases

It is obvious that the company needs to put in a Herculean effort to manage operations of such colossal dimensions and size. The credit for the smooth running of operations goes to their purchase department and their brilliant team of product specialists. They have their attention sharply focused on the products trending in global markets.

New products that are potential winners are carefully chosen, tested, and added to their burgeoning catalogue if they pass the stringent quality and performance standards and benchmark set by EDCO.

Superior Stock Management Skills

A huge share of the credit for the steady and unwavering support and loyalty that EDCO enjoys among their customers can be given to the company’s unique method of stock management. They have smartly invested in space as well as advanced technology to ensure that space is optimally utilized and the products are managed more efficiently through a fully automated mechanism. The orders flowing from their gigantic warehouse are flawlessly managed using a sophisticated, computer-controlled system.

They Sell Their Own Brand Too

EDCO is not just about wholesale supplies. The company also has a vibrant sales department that manages their online store. They have a handpicked team of sales professionals trained to provide a personal touch to every potential or closed sale.

Apart from their online store, EDCO also has a sprawling showroom spread over a whopping 10,000-square-meter area. Customers can find one of the widest assortments of products from every conceivable category, all meticulously arranged according to the product group, brand, and theme for easy search and selection.

Experts at Decoding the Logistics Puzzle

One can well imagine the kind of logistics management needed to ensure a smooth and efficient intake, supply, and delivery system. No amount of praise is high enough for EDCO for the excellent way they handle this astonishing logistical process day in and day out.

Unwavering Focus on Quality

Quality management is another critical area that EDCO never compromises on. They have a full-fledged quality control department managed by the best brains in this domain. They even have their in-house lab to conduct quality analysis of products, if needed, so that their customers get products that are never compromised on the crucial aspects of quality and safety.

Like all good organizations, EDCO is also committed to playing a key role in corporate social responsibility. The company implements responsible and ethical corporate practices and donates time and resources to protect and maintain the environmental resources around them.

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Wide range of top seller brands

EDCO carries a large number of product lines under its own brand. Every brand has a distinct and well-designed packaging line. We deliver private-label products to a number of our customers. Renowned A-brands such as Alpina, Grundig, Kinzo, Duracell, Dunlop and All Ride are also part of our assortment. Because of our many and diverse product lines, we can offer a wide range of items. EDCO is constantly searching for new product ideas and concepts.

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