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Tips for Buying Bike Accessories That Can Make Your Bike Ride Safer and Smoother

You spend a lot of time choosing and buying a bike, but do you even spend a fraction of that time choosing accessories for your bike? Of course, most buys come with a number of factory-fitted accessories but you can always add a few more to enhance the safety factor and to enjoy a smooth ride.
Buying the right accessories for your bike will certainly elevate your experience on many fronts. However, it is imperative that you take out some time to research the options available in bike accessories. Buying online is definitely recommended as you can have a look at the features and utility value of accessories and compare the pros and cons before clicking the buy button.
How do you make sure you get the best value for your money when you invest in bike accessories? Simply follow these steps:

  • Look for bike accessories that can enhance safety.
  • Research for accessories that can make your ride comfortable, especially on rough terrains.
  • Buy from a reputable online resource.
  • Choose items that are user-friendly and come with easy-fitting options.

Here is a list of recommendations compiled by biking enthusiasts from their personal on-road experiences. You can follow this list or create one of your own.

Signal Your Presence Distinctly

While on the road at night, the rear light of your bike must be lit clearly and must be distinctly visible to other vehicle drivers. LED Rear Light is a good buy as it comes with full and half brightness options and can also be used for flashing. The light is easy to install and can be fitted without the aid of any special tools. It is a useful bike accessory while cruising down dark roads. Go for the Dunlop brand. EDCO has this in stock right now.

Get a Firm Grip—You Are in Control Now

Bicycle grips can put you in absolute control of your bike, and that’s why this is among one of the must-have accessories for all bikers. The best ones are designed for easy gripping, reduce vibration, and offer resistance from shocks. It can also ease the pressure on your fingers, wrists, and elbows. Choose grips made of premium-quality rubber and designed to boost comfort levels. Bike grips from Dunlop are a hit among bikers. Buy your best pair from EDCO.

Pump Your Bike to Perfect Pressure on the Go

Another accessory that will make your ride stress free is a bicycle pump. You never know when you need them. Choose a bike pump that offers good pumping power and fills the tires in just a few strokes. Features like compact design and light weight will help you carry the pump easily. If you need a durable performer go for Pump 25 CM PL from Bicycle Gear.

Lock It Away Right

When you have invested heavily in a premium bike, it makes sense to spend some more money on a good-quality chain lock. What to look for? The cable must be tough and have a strong inner core. A lock with a resettable combination is the best. A chain lock from Bicycle Gear is the best on several counts. Apart from the usual features, it also comes with a flexible cloth sleeve that covers the chains and provides protection from potential burglars.
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