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We have an innovative environment that contributes to personal development, with an emphasis on security, involvement, and joy.

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With our unique knowledge, competence, and characteristics, we contribute to a more sustainable and humane society.

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We collaborate and support one another to generate the opportunities to be creative in our work. We share our knowledge and work closely with colleagues, clients, and partners.

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Come and join the Champions League of retail supply!

EDCO Eindhoven BV is based in The Netherlands and non-food specialist for over 40 years. We operate as a worldwide trade partner with a non-food range of over 40.000 items and a large portfolio of leading brands.

In Europe we are competing at the highest level, serving Europe’s largest retail chains. For our European offices we are looking for the top of the sales people, obviously!

  • Are you a hunter with a professional attitude and lots of energy?
  • Do you have the mentality of focussing on gaining new business?
  • Do you have the ability to build trust and long-term relationships?

And would you like to join the Champions League of retail supply? Get in touch with us and send a message to: Joey Reker "Corporate recruiter" +31 643147096 or

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Amplia variedad de marcas superventas

Edco comercializa un gran número de familias de productos bajo su propia marca. Cada familia de productos posee una línea de envases perfectamente diferenciada y diseñada. Además, suministramos a varios de nuestros clientes productos de marcas blancas. En nuestro surtido de productos también puede encontrar grandes marcas como Grundig, Kinzo,  Duracell, Alpina y All Ride. Gracias a nuestras numerosas y variadas familias de productos, podemos ofrecerle una amplia variedad de artículos. En Edco no cesamos de buscar nuevos conceptos e ideas para nuestros productos.

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AlpinaKinzo   All Ride Grundig

Conectado sin reserva

Tanto en el deporte como en los negocios, actuamos al más alto nivel posible. Con nuestras asociaciones, tratamos de seguir esta forma de pensar. Estamos orgullosos de nuestros socios y apoyamos sus objetivos, e intentamos reforzar nuestros vínculos con la ciudad de Eindhoven.